Thursday, June 12, 2008

Funtime's Over

So I finished up my grad school degree yesterday and so Funtime is over...the job hunt begins and in a few weeks I am moving from the Emerald City to....drum roll please...Lawrence, Kansas. From the home of grunge rock to the home of....well, after a quick search Lawrence's got the Mates of State [who I actually saw in concert here in Seattle] and The Appleseed Cast.

The Appleseed Cast -- Sunlit and Ascending
From the Peregrine album.

Mates of State -- These Days [Nico Cover...written by Jackson Browne]
From the European Tour 2003 EP.

In honor of my eventual exit from Seattle, I am going to do a series of posts highlight the things that I am going to miss about the city that I called home for four years.

By the way, here's the view of downtown Lawrence...I think it was taken last week.