Monday, June 30, 2008

Matt F. Presents: A CS Presents Hitchcock MegaPost

Here are some songs to go along with CS' great Hitchcock series...

I can't start any post about Hitchcock without first posting this:

Alfred Hitchcock -- Music to be Murdered By [Theme from Alfred Hitchcock Presents]

For Lifeboat:Dntel -- Rock My Boat
From Dumb Luck.

David Gray -- Last Boat To America
From the A New Day at Midnight.

Kasabian -- U Boat [Live]
Live at Glastonbury 2005.

Johnny Cash -- Rowboat
From Unchained.

P. Williams -- The Theme to Love Boat
From Television's Greatest Hits 70's & 80s.

Highwaymen -- Michael [Row Your Boat Ashore]
From the Folk Hits Collection.

For Rear Window:

Grandaddy -- Rear View Mirror
From the Just Like the Fambly Cat album.

Moby Grape -- Sitting by the Window
From the Moby Grape album.

Fiona Apple -- Window
From the Extraordinary Machine album.

Les Savy Fav -- One Way Window
From the Inches album.

Joy Zipper -- Window
From the Heartlight Set album.

Roni Size & Rerazent -- Watching Windows
From the New Forms album.

The Beach Boys -- At My Window
From the Sunflower/Surf's Up album.

Billy Bragg & Wilco -- At My Window Sad and Lonely
From the Mermaid Avenue album.

For Rope:

Alice in Chains -- Man In the Box
From the Facelift album.

The Minus 5 -- Bought a Rope
From [The Gun Album].

Mclusky -- Rope!

From the Mcluskyism collection.

Ani DiFranco -- This Box Contains...
From the Revelling album.

Tokyo Police Club -- Box
From the Smith EP.

Babyshambles -- Lost Art of Murder
From the Shotter's Nation album.