Thursday, May 22, 2008


John McCain is hosting three possible Vice President candidates this weekend at his home in's the list:

1. Florida Governor Charlie Crist
2. Mitt Romney
3. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

If God is a Democrat, McCain will choose Bobby Jindal. It will effectively neutralize one of Obama's weak points in reaching some voters...a lack of easily explained foreign policy experience. These paragraphs from an article entitled "Who Is Bobby Jindal?" summarizes things nicely:

"But in an interesting development, the same quarters that have raised doubts about freshman Sen. Barack Obama's national security bona fides seem relatively unconcerned about Jindal's potential place on a ticket headed by a 71-year-old whose heath has been the subject of focus by the media. Similarly, given McCain's accusations regarding Obama's "inexperience," Jindal's short if well diversified resume has nevertheless failed to prove a stumbling block to speculation about the fast-tracking of his political future.

On the National Review's blog, The Corner, Yuval Levin wrote: "[Jindal has] more management and executive experience than Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or John McCain can point to. The Democrats could hardly accuse him of a thin resume if they're running Obama." While that analysis could conceivably be run in reverse, as well, there is actually something besides armchair political analysis to consider when looking at Jindal."