Thursday, May 29, 2008


So my number of posts are way down and there are a lot of thing to blame...I've got two weeks left of grad school and a bad of case of "I don't give a damn-itis"...summer has really hit Seattle recently and just being outside in the sun beats being a naked mole-rat typing away at the computer...I'm moving to Lawrence, Kansas in a month or so and the job hunt is in full swing and it's hard to justify pounding out my musing when I could/should be searching for a job...

While on one of my jaunts around Seattle, I stopped by Easy Street and took some snaps of the new-ish murals they have out front...

I've got to say I was surprised by the Black Tide mural. They are not exactly the typical Easy Street band but their new album is getting a lot of love from metal fans. Here's a sample:

Black Tide -- Shockwave

Black Tide -- Black Abyss

Black Tide -- Warriors of Time
All three tracks are from the new album Light From Above.