Saturday, May 3, 2008

Keep Looking Up

There are a few things on TV that when I'm flipping around and I find it, I will watch all the way through...these include:

and anytime Star Gazer, formerly known as Star Hustler, is on PBS.

For those not familiar with the Star Gazer/Star Hustler he is Jack Horkeimer who is the Executive Director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium at the Miami Science Museum. More impressive than the title however is the presentation of Star Hustler which incorporates fascinating astronomy news and updates with what can best be described as "amazing" video effects.

When I was a kid, my local PBS station would play Star Gazer/Star Hustler just before they signed off for the broadcast day and each episode would end with the Horkeimer's phrase "Keep Looking Up."

Here is an example of the older Star Hustler version of his show:

Simian Mobile Disco -- Hustler
From the Attack Decay Sustain Release album.

Jay-Z -- I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) [Unplugged Version]
From the MTV Unplugged album...and although it doesn't have "Hustler" in the title, this song should be called "I'm A Hustler" for it's well known repeated sample.