Thursday, May 1, 2008

McCain and the Bridge

An interesting little thing is developing in Minnesota as potential V-P candidate Tim Pawlenty had to awkwardly disagree with John McCain this week as to the cause of the I-35 bridge collapse:

"Pawlenty is a national co-chairman of McCain's campaign and is often mentioned as a possible running mate. He stepped gingerly around the comments McCain made that the Interstate 35W bridge failure last summer could be traced to members of Congress diverting federal funds to wasteful projects.

Pawlenty said McCain's remarks were his opinion and that everyone should reserve judgment until federal investigators release findings later this year. Investigators have focused on an apparent design flaw involving beam-connecting gusset plates and construction weight above vulnerable components at the time of the failure."

Atmosphere -- That's Not Beef, That's Pork
From the Strictly Leakage album.