Saturday, December 29, 2007


So, we have almost set a record for snowfall in Wisconsin in December...I couldn't have planned my trip home any better...This is from the above article:

Todd Messerschmidt, manager of the Kitz & Pfeil Power Center in Oshkosh, said it’s been “an awesome” month for sales of snow blowers, parts and service.

“We haven’t had snow like this in a number of years,” he said.
Now I am imagining that Todd's "Awesome" is like Chris Farly's at the end of the deer destroying car scene from Tommy Boy [it can be found at 4:26 into this video montage].

On Christmas Eve my sister and I got into "a discussion" about religion and religious thoughts have been floating about in my head more often than usual ever since...And as I was siting watching the snow fall yesterday something occurred to Noah's time when God hit the reset button and flooded the Earth and killed everyone, it seems like that was done pretty easily for people around the equator or the Middle East. I mean you only really need a few inches of really quick falling rain to cause a serious flood or mud slide...and a few feet could cause some serious damage and wipe out most everyone...

But lets assume that God picked the winter to wipe everyone out...well, this changes everything doesn't it?...Can a civilization be wiped out by snow? It certainly is a preferable alternative to rain...and I think a well organized town with some shovels and snow blowers could hold God off for quite while...or they could just build cities under the snow...this is what I think about when I run out of episodes of
The Honeymooners to watch.

I guess my point is this...what would the Bible be like if it had been written by someone with say a Norwegian or Swedish perspective?

Rivers Cuomo -- Lover in the Snow
From the demo album: Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.