Friday, July 20, 2007

Tegan & Sara -- Live at Easy Street Records

Yesterday, Laura and I got out of work early and headed down to Easy St. for a free in-store with everyone's favorite Canadian twins, Tegan & Sara. Their new album, The Con, arrives next Tuesday and half the songs they played were from the new album. By the sound of it, things have progressed nicely for them since So Jealous in 2004.

The concert was packed as you might expect but surprisingly arriving at 4:00pm exactly found us already late with the duo on stage with their band. They were surprisingly talkative (well Sara was at least) and it was almost a comedy show between songs.


1. Where Does the Good Go? (false start)
2. Where Does the Good Go? (Punk rock version)
3. Walking With A Ghost
4. Monday, Monday, Monday
5. Back on Your Head
6. Like O, Like H
7. (A Song from The Con...not sure which one until I hear the album)
8. Con

Tegan & Sara -- Live at Easy Street Records (49:06)