Thursday, July 19, 2007

Real Time Blogging: Shuffle

I deleted everything off my mp3 player yesterday and was putting things back on but only got through A-F before it was kippy's my real time blogging today won't have much variation...

1:22pm -- Beck "Where's It's At" -- My favorite song from Odelay and the beginning of the Beck "comeback" following "Loser"...has there been a song like it since?...not that I've found...even Beck doesn't sound like this anymore.

1:26pm -- The Darkness "Stuck in a Rut" -- This is from their 1st album and of course the Boston influence is front and center. "Stuck in a rut / stuck in a rut for eternity" Both songs so far have what could best be described as audio clips in the background that have little to nothing to do with the song except for setting the mood.

1:30pm -- Fall Out Boy "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"" -- Giving your songs songs titles such as this sometimes fall into the trap of being better than the song itself. This is not the case.

1:32pm -- Blur "Theme From Retro" -- a largely instrumental track (minus the random Damon Albarn echos) from the Blur album...I will never forget my first introduction to Blur. I was 18 with my parent's on the last "family" vacation we would take together. We were in Wichita, Kansas and my sister and I were able to talk by Dad into tuning into the "alternative" station...which researching it today must have been FLY 92.7 and they played "Song 2." Years later and countless Blur EPs from eBay it is still one of my greatest musical "Ah Ha" moments.

1:36pm -- Doves "Last Broadcast" -- Not "The Doves" by the way, just "Doves"! I argue that "The Last Broadcast" is the greatest album of the 2000s thus far and that Doves taught Peter, Bjorn and John everything they know. Take that! I'm throwing seven different kinds of smoke!