Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Homicide & Morphine

I have always been obsessed with crime dramas on TV...I remember taping hours of Dragnet on Nick at Nite with my sister when we were younger...but when I was in high school I would always watch Homicide: Life on the Streets...This summer I have sort of rediscovered the series and have been watching the DVDs (currently in the middle of Season 4) of the things that is evident to me is that Homicide was the first series that utilized rock and alternative songs in the soundtrack rather than composed theme music...The Sopranos gets a lot of credit for this but Homicide did it years before...each episode is a little time capsule of "important" music at the time and it almost feels shocking to hear bands like Morphine have their music featured on show...

Morphine -- Cure For The Pain

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