Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogging Every Thought

Sometimes I feel like I should blog my every thought on the off chance that I can say "See I knew that the moment I saw it..." I wish I had done that with my thoughts regarding the current edition of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and their movie about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis called Ocean of Fear.

I thought it was a horrible idea and I screamed something to the effect of "Richard Dreyfuss can go f**k himself" at the TV for exploiting the deaths of those people. This movie is going to be like watching a snuff film I thought. Although I probably would watch some of Shark Week this movie will not be apart of it...

Well today's article from Slate confirms my thoughts and makes me wish I wish I had a little less of a blockade between mind and blog...

If you really want to memorialize these vets, go here: The USS Indianapolis National Memorial