Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Resolution

In Support of the Stone Temple Pilots song "Vasoline" being named the All-Time Grunge Anthem

Whereas, Stone Temple Pilots have reunited and will be touring the 2008 summer festivals, AND

Whereas, Stone Temple Pilots best album was Purple, AND

Whereas, the best song on Purple was "Vasoline," AND

Whereas, "Vasoline" starts of with that cool reverb humming, AND

Whereas, the lyrics of "Vasoline" are vague and yet important sounding [like every good grunge song], AND

Whereas, "Vasoline" has one of the best opening guitar riffs in history, AND

Whereas, "Vasoline" includes such great lyrical snippets as "blow a kiss and tried to take it home," "it has rendered me punch drunk and without bail," and "you'll eat the lies," AND

Whereas, "Vasoline" has one of the greatest videos ever made, AND

Whereas, the video includes folk dancers in lederhossen, clowns dancing, and Scott Weiland at his most healthy looking, AND

Whereas, it has Scott Weiland doing that weird dance with the cane, AND

Whereas, if Nirvana were The Beatles and Pearl Jam was The Rolling Stones, the surely Stone Temple Pilots would be The Who or maybe the Kinks, AND

Whereas, suicide should not be celebrated, AND

Be it resolved that, Stone Temple Pilots' song "Vasoline" will be considered the All-Time Grunge Anthem.

Stone Temple Pilots -- Vasoline
From the Purple album.