Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In Support of Bush

No, no, no...not that Bush. This Bush:

I came upon this CD the other day and seeing that it was an import, I thought it was one of those Greatest Hits collections done in the middle of a career to up record sales or maybe get out of a record this collection [it doesn't even have their cover of "Ms. Jackson" on it!]:
But investigating a little further, the set came out in 2005 which means the good folks at Bush, Inc. are abandoning the Golden State album as not worthy of inclusion in their best work. It is a shame that the song "The People That We Love" [formerly called "Speed Kills"...the title was changed shortly after the album was released and ranks as the 2nd stupidest rock title change that happened following September 11th. The 1st being the changing of Jimmy Eat World's album Bleed American to just Jimmy Eat World.] isn't included as the album would really include everything you would ever need from Bush.

Though "The People That We Love" was cut, they don't blink from including three songs from The Science of Things album, especially the song "Warm Machine" which is my favorite Bush song.

Bush -- Warm Machine
From The Science of Things album.

Bush -- The People That We Love

From Golden State album.