Monday, August 20, 2007

Football Season

Salon's sports guy King Kaufman writes about NFL's decision to do something something with DirectTV and the Internets or something...anyway, he writes:

So, fine. I think it's a poor decision in the long term, but then again, NFL fans seem incapable of being offended enough by the league's anti-fan stance to do anything about it. The single most fan-unfriendly deal in North American team sports is the NFL charging regular-season prices for exhibition games, and then forcing season-ticket buyers, the best customers, to buy those exhibition-game tickets.

Couldn't disagree more. I've been on the season ticket list for my old home team, The Green Bay Packers, for a few years now and I'm not expecting to get tickets for a few decades or sooner if the Packers endure a few 2-14 seasons minus Mr. Favre. My only option for Packer games is buy online at above face value or pre-season.

The same is true where I live now, Seattle. Since they made it to the Super Bowl two seasons ago Seahawks tickets are sky high. My only shot to get a nice ticket at face value is pre-season which I am doing next Saturday versus my arch nemesis, The Minnesota Vikings.