Monday, August 20, 2007

Check It Off The List

Back during my undergrad career, I had a bunch of different positions in the Student Senate over the years there and I occupied a number of the cubicles in the Senate offices...One day, I was helping my then-girlfriend (now fiance) clean out some old papers and belongings of a student who had quite her position with the Senate and just left her stuff was mainly old photocopies of meeting agendas and other paper miscellaneous paperwork...but when we dug deeper stumbled upon a "My Life Goals" written by the student in disturbing as finding something so personal so casually abandoned, it was a howling funny read...included as one of the items, I kid you not, was "marry a guy with a lot of money." Who writes that? Well, I guess I know who...but rhetorically, who writes that?

I think of that now as my fiance is heading to Latvia for 10 months as a Fulbright scholar and she mentions that she is fulfilling two of her life's goals at live in Europe and to learn to speak Latvian fluently...

What are my life goals?...and am I meeting any of them? Thinking about it, yes I am...recently, because of this blog I have been contacted by some musicians/artists about reviewing their music...I've always wanted to do this and I am excited to do it...I received a CD by one groups over the weekend and I will get something out shortly after I have time to digest the music...anyway, check that off the list.