Friday, March 22, 2013

YouTube Deep Tracks: Live Zombies

In this series we comb YouTube for live tracks or rarities of some of my favorite artists.  

My favorite group from the 1960's would have to be The Zombies and I've written about that a couple of times.  Today's YouTube Deep Track is a live version of "Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself" from the British TV show called the Hippodrome Show.  The song itself was a UK single only and you won't find it on either of the Zombies official albums Begin Here or Odessey and Oracle but it is regularly found on Zombies collections like my personal favorite Absolutely The Best.

The Zombies -- Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself [Live from Hippodrome Show, 1966] [mp3]
You can purchase the studio version of this song here.