Thursday, April 26, 2007

Presidential Brief: Locksley -- Don't Make Me Wait

Artist: Locksley
Title: Don't Make Me Wait
Label: Feature Records
Release Date: 1/9/07

Rating: Harry Truman

I don't know very many bands that strive to be the early Beatles. Everyone and their mother wants to be Revolver era or Sgt. Peppers era Beatles not Meet the Beatles...well I guess except The Smithereens...

On the other hand, no one ever wants to be a later era Kinks...everyone wants to be early band ever started by learning every note of Sleepwalker...

Locksley debut album fills the early Beatles void nicely...and they should seriously consider suing The Kooks for sound infringement..."Don't Make Me Wait" is the first and best song and things start rolling from there. By the time you reach "The Past and the Present" (Track 8 of 13) you feel like like only a few moments have gone by.