Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rifftrax Kickstarter Campaign + MST3K Theme Song Variations

I'm a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater and Rifftrax and so I was excited to see that Rifftrax recently started a Kickstarter campaign to purchase the rights to Twilight which would let them host a live riffing to theaters across the country later this year.  Their goal was $55,000 and so far they are nearly $100,000 over their goal.  Twilight here we come!

Here's a clip explaining the Kickstarter campaign:

Here are a bunch of different versions of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme song...some with Joel and some with Mike singing.

Sung by Joel Hodgson:

MST3K Theme Song KTMA Version
MST3K Theme Song Season 1-4

Sung by Mike Nelson:

MST3K Theme Song Season 5-6
MST3K Theme Song Season 7
MST3K Theme Song Season 8-9
MST3K Theme Song Season 10

And here's the instrumental from the end credits

MST3K Love Theme

Here's the official Mystery Science Theater home page and you can  buy all the MST3K DVDs from Shout Factory.