Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Matt's Predictions

Writing this post is like putting on your favorite shirt after its just out of the dryer...I haven't really posted recently because of my level of frustration with the election reached critical and I also needed to find some steady employment and I felt bad writing my days away living off my fiance...

But now that both of those problems have been corrected, let's get down to business...

Some predictions:

1. Obama will win Georgia but lose North Carolina. I'm reaching on the George bit here but it will be interesting based on the huge amount of early voting that occurred there.

2. Pennsylvania will prove to be nowhere near as close as the reports from last week made it seem.

3. In my adopted home state of Kansas, Pat Roberts is going down baby!

4. A rising tide lifts all boats and Franken wins by 2%...and the independent candidate gets over 20% of the vote.

5. And to get hyper-local, Proposition 2 in Lawrence which would keep the City Bus service opperating by increasing the sales tax will pass with 70% of the vote. It makes me laugh when people talk about communism-this and socialism-that and I live in a major metro area that might get rid of its bus service.

6. Obama cracks 320 electoral votes and this "blue/red state" shit is over for eight years.

7. After the election will become the standard barrer for poll coverage and predicting the future.

8. Tim Russert's chalk and slate will be missed tonight.

9. Michelle Bachman in Minnesota will keep her seat in Congress.

10. Prop 8 will be defeated and California will fall into the ocean.

11. The Dems end up with 57 seats and Lieberman loses his chairmanship.

12. Ted Stevens will be re-elected even though he can't vote for himself.

13. Montana goes for does Arizona.